Yada RoadCam™ 4K UHD Smart Dash Cam


Yada RoadCam™ 4K UHD Smart Dash Cam



The Yada RoadCam™ 4K UHD Smart Dash Cam records the road in stunning, ultra-high-definition (UHD) resolution. This compact dash cam is feature-packed with a 3" LCD screen, wide dynamic range view, GPS, G-Sensor technology, loop recording, park and record mode, and built-in Wi-Fi for wireless Yada Drive app connectivity. The RoadCam 4K UHD Smart Dash Cam also captures your drive from an expansive, 150˚ wide-angle view perspective. The road can be wild. Insurance fraud has become common, and accidents happen in a split-second; safeguard against scammers and record your daily commute and road trips today with the Yada RoadCam. 


  • 4K Crystal Clear Recording

    4K Crystal Clear Recording

  • 150˚ Wide Dynamic Range Angle

    150˚ Wide Dynamic Range Angle

  • Wireless File Transferring & GPS

    Wireless File Transferring & GPS

  • 16GB Memory Card Included

    16GB Memory Card Included


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Key Features
Model BT58189-6/2 BT58190-6/2 BT58187-6/2 BT58186-6/2 BT58240-72
Resolution 4K UHD 1080p 1080p 1080p 720p
Wide-Angle View 150˚ 120˚ 140˚ 120˚ 120˚
Wide-Dyanamic Range
Wireless Transfer
Dual Recording
LCD Monitor Size 3" 1.5" 2.3" 2.2" 2"
Memory Card Included 16GB 16GB 4GB 4GB 4GB
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Common Features
Auto Night Vision

Auto Night Vision

G-Sensor Detection

G-Sensor Detection

GPS Timestamp

GPS Timestamp

Loop Recording

Loop Recording

Park & Record Mode

Park & Record Mode

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Great Roadcam!

I've never owned a road cam before so I was really excited to use the Yada RoadCam 4k UHD Smart Dash Cam. Installing it was really easy, maybe took about 10 minutes to get everything set up and working. It has a 3in screen which I think is a perfect size. Its not to large so it doesn't take up a lot of room on the windshield. I fit mine right under my rear view mirror. The picture quality is amazing. So clean and clear during the day and during the night. The wide angle lens captures a very large area and it comes with a memory card so you don't have to worry about buying your own. I haven't' caught anything yet on camera but I feel safe knowing that if anything did happen I would have all I need stored on my memory card. Overall, I would recommend this to anyone wanting to have the security that if anything happened while driving, you would have the proof you needed on camera.

Very useful

Wow! I never even though about getting one of these,and I don't know why.
This device has so many useful features. i really don't like things mounted to my windshield,but
This is worth the inconvienance.

Fantastic little dash cam

This dash cam is Nice quality, easy to handle and was easy to install. The app was a little clunky to figure out at first, I'm confident with new electronic installation so I had to fuss with it a while. Also, the dash is quite large in my truck, so the cord could be a tad longer. Otherwise, no problem. After a little street recording, we went on a rough road with bumps and water, so it was fun to watch our adventure and hear us laughing and watching the trail again and we're having a great time. Look forward to winter to see that video. Give it an A!!

Nice little dashcam

This little camera has a great quality camera picture/video. It has an app that you can use with it, it would be nice if you could turn the camera on and off through the app though, and if you can, I have yet to figure it out. You can check past pics and video, it will let me delete some of them, but not all of them.not really sure why that is I like that you can unhook it and put it away, though sometimes this causes me to forget about it and not hook it up again until I realize it. All in all it's a nice little camera that in my opinion could use some improvement in the app. Other than that, I recommend it. It says that it has gps, but if it does I haven't yet figured out how to use it, then again, maybe the gps is just to track your movements. The app asks to be allowed to use gps all the time, but I limited it to only while using the app.

Decent dash cam

This is a decent dash cam. I haven't seen to many others. Most that I have seen have a smaller screen. This has really nice color and video. I have only had it on two times for a short time. Night recording is good and clear. So far seems to be pretty good. I like it.


Problem 1 : The Roadcam is unable to take pictures and record videos.

Solution a: Check if the MicroSD card has been insert properly and is locked in.

Solution b: Check if the MicroSD card has enough free memory to continue to record. (Please use the camera’s “format” function to reformat the MicroSD card)


Problem 2: The Roadcam stops automatically when it is recording a video.

Solution: Ensure a high-speed MicroSD card compatible (required for HD recording) with SDHC is being used. (High-speed MicroSD cards will have a U1 logo.)


Problem 3: During the playback of pictures and videos, a “file error” message prompts.

Solution: When a MicroSD card storage error or incomplete file occurred, please use the camera’s “format” function to reformat the MicroSD card. If problem continues, replace the MicroSD card with a new one.


Problem 4: The image looks foggy or fuzzy.

Solution: Check if there is dirt or smudge marks on the lens. Clean the lens using lens cleaner or lens wiper before using. (Do not use a paper towel or tissue to clean the lens, doing so may call damage to the lens)


Problem 5: The image looks too dark.

Solution: Adjust the exposure level in the camera settings to an increase or lower the brightness


Display:3 inch display
Lens:150° diagonal
Video Resolution:3840 x 2160P / 30 FPS
Circular Video:Seamless loop recording 
Memory Card:MicroSD (maximum support 128GB) 
Built-in Audio:Supported
Operating Temperature: 14°F~140°F (-10°C~60°C)
Operating Voltage:Cigarette Charger - DC 12/24V / DC 5V (Mini-USB)
Battery: Built-in Super Capacitor
Package Contents:1. 1 x 4K Roadcam Pro
2. 1 x 3M™ VHB Windshield Mount
3. 1 x 12V/24V Power Adapter
4. 1 x 16GB MicroSD Card


Product Manual

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