Yada RoadCam™ 1080p HD Smart Dash Cam


Yada RoadCam™ 1080p HD Smart Dash Cam



The Yada RoadCam™ 1080p HD Smart Dash Cam records the road in crisp 1080p HD resolution. This compact dash cam is equipped with a 2.3" LCD screen, G-Sensor technology, loop recording, park and record mode, and built-in Wi-Fi for wireless Yada Drive app connectivity. RoadCam™ 1080p HD also captures your drive from an expansive, 140˚ wide-angle view perspective. The road can be wild. Insurance fraud has become common, and accidents happen in a split-second; safeguard against scammers and record your daily commute & road trips today with the Yada RoadCam. 


  • 1080p HD Crystal<br>clear recording

    1080p HD Crystal
    clear recording

  • 140˚ Wide-angle view

    140˚ Wide-angle view

  • Wireless file<br>transferring

    Wireless file

  • 4GB Memory card included

    4GB Memory card included


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Key Features
Model BT58187-6/2 BT58189-6/2 BT58190-6/2 BT58186-6/2 BT58240-72
Resolution 1080p 4K UHD 1080p 1080p 720p
Wide-Angle View 140˚ 150˚ 120˚ 120˚ 120˚
Wide-Dyanamic Range
Wireless Transfer
Dual Recording
LCD Monitor Size 2.3" 3" 1.5" 2.2" 2"
Memory Card Included 4GB 16GB 16GB 4GB 4GB
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Common Features
Auto Night Vision

Auto Night Vision

G-Sensor Detection

G-Sensor Detection

GPS Timestamp

GPS Timestamp

Loop Recording

Loop Recording

Park & Record Mode

Park & Record Mode

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Needs Better Operating Instructions

This Yada 1080p Roadcam is a nice, small package that includes most of the features of larger, more expensive dashcams. Everything you need to install and use the unit is in the box.

Mounting the camera on the windshield was very easy. The supplied tape seems to be holding well. If you park your vehicle outdoors, in hot weather, you may need to use a thicker, stronger double-sided adhesive tape. My car is garage kept, so I haven't had an issue with the supplied tape.

Running the wiring is equally simple. There's enough length to accommodate most vehicles. Some vehicles will be more complicated than others to neatly stow and disguise the wiring.

Thus far, the instructions have been clear and well thought out. But setting up and using the dash cam is a little more difficult. It's hard to put so many functions in such a small package, but here the design is a bit confusing. It's a little hard to determine if your dashcam is recording properly, and whether or not the motion sensor and parking functions are operating as you want them. This part of the design could be explained more fully and made more simple.

But once you've figured out how you want to use the camera, it does a nice job of recording your movements. The camera takes in a 120-degree view, which is sufficient under most circumstances. The picture quality is quite good.

The unit comes with an 8GB micro SD memory card; the max card size is 32GB. I'd recommend buying a larger card. Viewing the videos on my home computer was easy. Finding what I wanted to see was a bit of a struggle, and in some instances, the dashcam wasn't recording when I thought it was--once again a problem understanding the setup instructions--and that could be a serious issue in case of an accident or incident you really want on your recording.

Downloading and using the wi-fi app was a breeze. Like most of these devices, following the instructions carefully is mandatory. Once the app is in use, making setting changes to the unit becomes much easier. You can also download files from the camera to your phone, a feature that might be very handy.

All in all, I'm glad that I have this dash cam on my car. I need a bit more experience with the unit to ensure that it's doing what I want it to do, but that will come with practice. I'd recommend it to other people with the advice to download the operation manual, and have it handy until you become familiar with the camera's features and foibles.

A great compact camera

I like this camera a lot, it has nice clear picture, it is easy to mount with the tape mount attachment it comes with, the controls are easy to use and the instructions were good. Has a big wide angle view of the road and in color.

The only con I have is the WiFi connection. The app will not connect with the phone, tried numerous times and can not get it to connect. Contacted YaDa support and they said the app had not been released yet. The app is to enable you to program from your phone, but you can still program the camera by using the buttons on the camera. By the way great support from YaDa, good company to do business with.

Clear wide vision

This cam is the 2nd one I bought. The wide angle view makes a big difference as it captures the whole scene in front and both sides of your car. Goes pretty far out in front also and the quality of the video is nice and clear. The app is easy to set up and use. Very simple and good quality product.

Dash Cam security

This little dash cam has a great picture. I had some trouble getting it all set up and started, but works well once installed. I wish that I didn't have to see that darn cord hanging about though. I like the Park and Record feature which turns the unit battery on and begins recording when an "incident" is detected, I don't know if 20 seconds is long enough though. The unit records over old images (loop recording) unless it is triggered by the G sensor to permanently save a portion, again only 20 seconds. Recordings include a GPS and timestamp. Although I hope it won't be necessary, I am confident that this dash cam will provide any information required for an auto insurance claim.

Neat lil'camera

Finally had the opportunity to take this Yada Road Cam on a trip. Works as stated. Easy to use. What's not to luv. Frightening how many people ride the hammer lane on I-95/I-16 in Georgia and won't move over when the car behind them flashes their lights. U-tube worthy, lol. Troopers really need to start writing tickets out to these law breakers. Causes such traffic back-ups and a angry drivers.


Display:1.77 inch display
Lens:140 degrees diagonal
Video Resolution:1080P / 30 FPS
Circular Video:Seamless loop recording 
Memory Card:MicroSD (maximum support 32GB) 
Built-in Audio:Supported
Operating Temperature:14°F~140°F (-10°C~60°C)
Operating Voltage:Cigarette Charger - DC 12/24V / DC 5V (Mini-USB)
Battery: Built-in 200 mAh li-ion battery
Package Contents:1. 1 x 1080P Roadcam
2. 1 x 3M™ VHB Windshield Mount
3. 1 x 12V/24V Power Adapter
4. 1 x 8GB MicroSD Card


Product Manual

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