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" love this! With state law requiring babies to stay rear facing until at least age 2, and the infant seat behind the drivers seat to have my older child behind the passenger seat, I could not see the baby well even using a mirror system. This camera is great for quickly glancing and seeing that she's awake or see her "startle" while sleeping to know she's ok back there. Only complaint is that sometimes the way the sunlight comes into the car the camera switches between regular and night vision repeatedly. We are going to add tint to the back windows to help keep the sunlight impact at a minimum. Overall great system!"


"my son was born 6 weeks early and I was a nervous wreck with leaving him alone in backseat being so small and premature, this has provided me with peace of mind and I love seeing that he is okay. It is hard for me to reach him and there isn't anywhere to pull over on my commute to check him so I am in love with this item, I have told a lot of moms-to-be about it and they are planning on getting it as well!"


"“The picture is clear (eerily so in night vision mode) and installation was quick and simple. We have a 2014 Sienna and it is installed to allow us to see the baby in her rear facing seat. She also has a little mirror to look at so we just extended the headrest on the seatback and pushed the camera in underneath. That way she still has her mirror and the camera is low and stable enough! It does require two car "outlets" so we had to run the power cord for the camera back to the power outlet near the rear door. This works fine, just be careful when you are putting the seats up and down as you could easily crimp/sever the power cord.”"


"I purchased this product because we have our baby's seat in the center seat which has no headrest for a mirror and as new parents we really wanted to be sure that the baby was okay while we were driving. So i saw this product and figured that I could use the center armrest in the car as a place to strap the camera to and I was right. The camera strapped right around the arm rest and the viewing station suctioned to our windshield. Within 5 minutes we were up and running with a good quality picture and piece of mind. Pros: Easy Setup Good quality Image Day/Night vision Versatile camera mounts/straps Cons: nothing to report and have been using it for 7 months Suggestions: If your car is equipped with a cigarette outlet that only turns on when the car is on, you should use that outlet. Get a Y adapter and have both the units come on with the car and turn off with the car. If not just be sure to unplug the units!"

Sal Pedagno

"My wife had been using the rear facing car seat mirror she purchased from Babies R Us to keep on eye on our daughter. The problem with the mirror is that it requires light so it can refract the image of the baby in the car seat. So you can guess how fun it is to try to keep on eye on your child in a cloudy day or even better at night. I began looking around and found the Yada Tiny Traveler to replace the mirror in each of our vehicles. We absolutely love them, whether it's day or night the wireless picture being transmitted from the camera to the monitor is crisp and clear. It has really helped to put our mind at ease and has truly helped us to focus more on the road versus having to constantly look back trying to catch a glimpse of what she is doing our how she is sleeping. We would definately recommend this product to all parents whether your child is in a rear facing or front facing position in the car seat. with this product you'll truly be able to keep an eye on the road and your child keeping everyone safe."

Mark Roland Gonzalez