For nearly two decades, YADA has operated under our parent company, Horizon Brands, to provide auto electronics that make driving possible and enjoyable. As one of the first brands to introduce hands-free Bluetooth technology, we made chatting on the road safer and we’re dedicated to continue that type of innovation in all of our future products.


Aftermarket Electronics From the Experts

At YADA, we help our customers enhance their driving experience with premier aftermarket technology.
• Our Vision is to provide drivers with cost-effective technology and products to make their drive safer and more enjoyable.
• Our Mission is to develop and engineer electronics for everyday people to use in their vehicles on daily commutes or road trip adventures.
Get to Know Yada
As leaders in the field of automotive safety electronics, we pride ourselves on making driving safer and more fun. Our corporate values at YADA are indicative of who we are and why we're so good at what we do:
• Reliance on quality materials and workmanship.
• Focus on innovation by identifying the needs of drivers and creating new solutions to improve their safety and overall driving experience.
• Passion for creating simple, cost-effective solutions to everyday driving issues.
• Trust in our top-notch team.
• Commitment to providing our customers with the highest value and support possible.


Our Products

All of YADA's high-quality products are available for purchase at notable retail businesses across the nation, so you can always trust that you are getting the very best. We are dedicated to providing high-tech items that help you to maintain awareness of your surroundings while you drive, while minimizing distractions. Specializing in navigation and communication technology, we at YADA pledge to help you stay connected and reach your destination safely. Our products include dash cams for enhanced security, backup cameras for a higher degree of driving safety, and even wireless baby monitors so you can keep an eye on that precious cargo in your backseat.


Talk About Us

To improve your driving welfare and turn that boring commute into a pleasurable experience, check out YADA's selection of aftermarket automotive technology. We've got those must-haves that you didn't even know you need, but will wonder how you ever lived without. Yada yada yada...yup, that's where we got our name.