Yada RoadCam™ 1080p HD Dash Cam


Yada RoadCam™ 1080p HD Dash Cam



The Yada RoadCam™ 1080p HD Dash Cam records the road in crisp, 1080p HD resolution. This compact dash cam is equipped with a 2.2" LCD screen, G-Sensor technology, loop recording, and park and record mode. RoadCam 1080p HD also captures your drive from an expansive, 120˚ wide-angle view perspective. The road can be wild. Insurance fraud has become common, and accidents happen in a split-second; safeguard against scammers and record your daily commute & road trips today with the Yada RoadCam. 


  • 1080p HD Crystal clear recording

    1080p HD Crystal clear recording

  • 120˚ Wide-angle view

    120˚ Wide-angle view

  • 2.2” LCD monitor size

    2.2” LCD monitor size

  • 4GB Memory card included

    4GB Memory card included


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Key Features
Model BT58186-6/2 BT58189-6/2 BT58187-6/2 BT58240-72
Resolution 1080p 4K UHD 1080p 720p
Wide-Angle View 120˚ 150˚ 140˚ 120˚
Wide-Dyanamic Range
Wireless Transfer
Dual Recording
LCD Monitor Size 2.2" 3" 2.3" 2"
Memory Card Included 4GB 16GB 4GB 4GB
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Common Features
Auto Night Vision

Auto Night Vision

G-Sensor Detection

G-Sensor Detection

GPS Timestamp

GPS Timestamp

Loop Recording

Loop Recording

Park & Record Mode

Park & Record Mode

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Nice for the price

This is the third camera type I bought for my car. The first two were mounted to the windshield and weren't supposed to be exposed to extreme heat. Um, well. So, anyway, this one is protected from the sun and it's been working well for over a year. I liked it so much that I bought two more to give away as gifts.

For those interested in buying

I saw a few reviews that the camera did not work I found out you have to have wifi button on (no wifi needed it will load to its own temporary wifi on the device) and location on for the camera to work properly I hope this help with those wanting to by this baby car camera.

Fantastic buy for the price

Great all around buy. I needed a new rear-view mirror as mine was deteriorating. This was great. Records in incremental loops. It's only 720 so it can help determine fault but not super fine details. When just a glass cover is $15, you're crazy not to but this for $5. I do wish it wasn't tinted.

Quick and simple

I like it. Does the Job and it's easy to install.

Great addition

Love how simple it was to set this up. The view from the camera comes out super clear which is also a plus. This is a good upgrade to anyone with a standard mirror.


Display:2.2 inch display
Lens:120 degrees diagonal
Video Resolution:1080P / 30 FPS
Circular Video:Seamless loop recording 
Memory Card:MicroSD (maximum support 32GB) 
Built-in Audio:Supported
Operating Temperature:14°F~140°F (-10°C~60°C)
Operating Voltage:Cigarette Charger - DC 12/24V / DC 5V (Mini-USB)
Battery: Built-in 180 mAh li-ion battery
Package Contents:1. 1 x 1080P Roadcam
2. 1 x Windshield Mount
3. 1 x 12V/24V Power Adapter
4. 1 x 4GB MicroSD Card


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