Karaoke Dash Cam - Front & Rear Recording Digital Camera


Karaoke Dash Cam - Front & Rear Recording Digital Camera


Karaoke Dash Cam, a front and rear-facing digital camera, is a must-have for any vehicle, especially rideshare operators. 


  • Rideshare recorder

    Rideshare recorder

  • Park & record mode / monitor

    Park & record mode / monitor

  • G-sensor activated recording

    G-sensor activated recording

  • Wide dynamic range (WDR)

    Wide dynamic range (WDR)


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Key Features
Model BT58189-6/2 BT58187-6/2 BT58186-6/2 BT58240-72
Resolution 4K UHD 1080p 1080p 720p
Wide-Angle View 150˚ 140˚ 120˚ 120˚
Wide-Dyanamic Range
Wireless Transfer
Dual Recording
LCD Monitor Size 3" 2.3" 2.2" 2"
Memory Card Included 16GB 4GB 4GB 4GB
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Common Features
Auto Night Vision

Auto Night Vision

G-Sensor Detection

G-Sensor Detection

GPS Timestamp

GPS Timestamp

Loop Recording

Loop Recording

Park & Record Mode

Park & Record Mode

Customer Reviews

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The Karaoke Dual Dash Camera is packaged very well. The picture quality is very nice and clear in bright daylight. The instructions are not too difficult to understand. The main problem I found is once it is mounted, the buttons are not easily accessible to view playback. I do not find it convenient to crane my neck to see the buttons to change the views and functions. The buttons should have been located on the surface instead of the bottom to access easily. I also do not like the loud chime the camera makes when motion is detected- I think if someone was doing something nefarious this might draw attention to the camera and result in a broken car window to steal the camera so there would be no evidence.

worth the money

love love love. I do doordash, instacart, postmates, and Lyft and it comes in handy if a customer gets rude at all. definitely would recommend

Simple dual camera for car

The Yada karaoke dash camera is a lightweight, black dual front and rear view digital camera, and comes with acar lighter plug, usb cord, plastic square window attachment, and a 16g microSD card. It has a sizable large color screen panel display with 5 main buttons to easily turn on, manipulate menu choices, and stop/record. It is pretty simple to use and attach to your car window, however, you need to run the power cord to your car lighter plug in order to power the camera as this has no batteries or way to charge it without plugging it in. The SD card it comes with is small, so recommend purchasing a larger size microSD, or having the camera override the video once the SD card is full. So far only complaint is the camera turns on and off while driving making an annoying beeping sound, and not sure if its because the battery is dead. It does have a nice feature that records while stopped and during any collision if you're not recording your full drive. Also, the screen has a very shiny sheen making a glare that's difficult to see what you're filming while driving during the day, but appreciate how clear the footage is and how loud the sound is once you download the video. I wish this had a bluetooth feature so I can download the videos without having to remove the camera each time which is a bit of a pain. Overall, it's a nice sized car dash cam that does the job. I am satisfied with the slim and sleek look, and well-priced.

Pretty good camera

Overall it is a good camera. I would like to be able to turn it completely off. As it is, when you turn it off, if it sees any motion it comes on and starts recording. That is a great feature, but it also should be able to be completely turned off at times. It holds a generous amount of videos on the sd card. It was very simple and quick to install. Control buttons are easy to learn, the whole system is easy. I would buy again, especially if they put in an actual off button.


  • Dimensions: 4.52"/115mm x 1.57"/40mm x 1.77"/45mm
  • Color: Black
  • Resolution: Front: 1080p Full HD / 30 FPS

                         Rear: 720p HD / 30 FPS

  • Screen: 2.7" / 68.9mm               


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