Company Overview

Winplus is the fastest growing company in marketing auto lifestyle products. As a global manufacturer and wholesaler of quality automotive accessories, Winplus’ product line is wide-ranging. It includes consumer electronics, seat covers, floor mats, interior accent lighting, air fresheners, sunshades, small accessories, and other driver comfort products. Winplus’ latest line-up of Yada products are part of the car safety electronic category helping drivers feel aware, less distracted and safe.

Winplus wants everyone to live the good life. As a team of life enthusiasts, we don’t want you to miss out on anything! The company understands what it takes for communication and navigation to work well for your lifestyle. Yada’s solutions make connecting easy, fun, and most of all never intimidating. Winplus promise highly performing products, yet so user friendly and intuitive, they’re compatible with everyone. Staying connected with Yada is as easy as talking.

By adding innovation and style to our extended line of interior auto accessories and in-vehicle technology, our products enrich the lifestyle of everyone on the road. Winplus products are sold to consumers all over the world via the best automotive accessory retailers.

Eco-Friendly Company:

As part of its commitment to community and conservation, Winplus North America is proud to announce that it is an official “Carbon Zero” company. Working with The Conservation Fund, Winplus calculated the annual carbon dioxide emissions from office energy use and travel-related fuel consumption and will offset this climate change impact by planting trees through the Go Zero program. As trees grow they absorb a tremendous amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere – providing an effective way to combat global warming.

Winplus North America will zero out more than 340 tons of CO2 by reforesting lands in two of the nation’s premier National Wildlife Refuges: the San Joaquin River National Wildlife Refuge in Northern California and the Red River National Wildlife Refuge in Louisiana – a region recently devastated by Hurricane Katrina. These newly created forestlands will do more than just fight climate change, they will restore wildlife habitat, improve air and water quality and enhance outdoor recreation opportunities — a lasting legacy for Winplus, its customers and employees.

Offsetting the climate change footprint of its energy and fuel use is just one way in which Winplus is giving back to the environment. Over the next several months, Winplus will work with The Conservation Fund, retail partners and other organizations to expand on these efforts. Please check back on our website for updates on Winplus’ first Go Zero forest and other news on our environmental program.

Visit to learn how you too can be a Hero of Zero.